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Forbes Reveals Obama’s Plan To Seize Control Regardless Of Congress

from New Republic

Mitch McConnell's "No Compromise" Strategy Is Finally Failing

Kim Jong Nut Job says, "I will destroy America." Too late you fool!!! Obama already did!!! But America can reverse the damage of his evil presidency IF the next president has intelligence, decency, honor, honesty, and stands for Christian values!!! Uh, oh . . . I guess Hillary Killery is out of the equation.


I used to think I was overreacting…

Don't apologize for being outraged.


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50 Cute Winter - Spring Outfits

THE COAT!! Braids, tan coat, sweater, winter, fall, shoes, hairstyle. 2015 Fashion

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Photo (The Good Vibe)

I'm rarely bored alone. I'm often bored in crowds and around people. #quote

Especialmente en Puerto Rico: "Si votar cambiara algo, los politicos lo harian ilegal."


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I could totally dig this, but let's switch Cruz and Trump lol.....same here!

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Two Pieces To Always Steal From The Boys (Hello Fashion)

Two Pieces To Always Steal From The Boys


Ash Warner on

Meanwhile, at a women's equality demonstration, possibly the best protest sign ever. Hilarious!