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Full-Body Circuit Workout With Weights (Narrow Squat With Overhead Press, Plank With Reverse Row, Side Lunge, Plié Squat With Side Arm Raises, Side Plank Push-Up, Backward Lunge With Bicep Curls, Seated Russian Twist, Scissor Abs, Superman)

Full Body Meltdown. This is an intense but quick workout so I like it!

Cardio Workout: Full Body, 45-Minute Elliptical. Don't know if I'd be able to last 45 minutes! ;)

Need a good full-body home-based workout that doesn't require gym equipment? Try this intense two-page bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere!

Are Your Workouts Wearing You Out? 4 Ways to Re-energize Your Fitness Routine.

No Equipment Necessary, Full Body Circuit Workout - All you need for this workout is a wall and a chair or bench. No excuses this time! Perfect to do while traveling.

Adjusting Your Fitness Routine with the Seasons