I hope I'm able to feel this soon. I'm hoping I can eventually feel it with the guy that still on my mind.


Not at all!

you are SO AMAZING

She is so stubborn. Her heart has an argument with her head every time it wants to beat. I can only hope that beautiful heart wins...

I have this problem with Niall Horan. My love for him is BETTER THAN WORDS. He just makes me STRONG when I am weak. His smile has led me THROUGH THE DARK. I knew we would be HAPPILY together. DOES HE KNOW I love him this much? RIGHT NOW I need him. I am HALF A HEART without him. I swear nothing can come between YOU & I, Niall. I wanna be your princess DIANA. You make me feel so ALIVE. Love you<3


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:)) think about it!! I do everyone of these to you on most days. :))...

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... Love someone so much YOU take them in your arms & kiss them really hard & passionately!!!



kiss me

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the things some couples take for granted ..