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    I have honestly thought about this before!

    • Alison Fuhrhop

      So true! I've often thought this watching horror movies. Kinda like you should grab a gun when the killer has a knife.

    • Kelsey Koch

      We should be able to text 911, just in case you're hiding from a killer and you can't talk at the moment.

    • Shelby Lynn

      Kind of funny... but also kind of true! WHAT IF! You just gotta hope the killer is making some threatening noises so you can just hold the phone in their general direction and the dispatcher will be like "oh shit, someone's about to die, I got this!"

    • Alisha Cole

      Right?? But remember to have your phone on silent so the killer doesn't hear your text ringtone thus finding you. But my text sound is from Law & Order so it'd be oddly appropriate.

    • Elyse Angelica

      ive always thought this...i mean what do you do if you're hiding and the killer is like RIGHTTHERE

    • Alisha Adams

      and you know in case you're deff...

    • Missy Roy

      it's funny and a good idea.

    • Samantha Carpenter

      Uhh yeah! For real!

    • Domi

      haha so true!

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