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    My friend Heidi sent me this after I lost true this is and I'm thankful to have known the love of a tiny little man dog :-)

    • ƇƦↁ Ƈɽєaƭїv̧є Ꮙєηƭųɽєʂ

      ♥Why dogs leave earth first. Very touching for all dog lovers who have to release their beloved fur-babies to their journy across the rainbow bridge. Grief and loss is not just over the passing of people. Pets are family too and when beloved companions transition it leaves an emotional void we grieve for.

    • Emma Whaley

      Why animals leave earth firstSo sweet and so true of selfish and mean to others we are! We should all live and love like dogs!

    • Mandi Hicks

      Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First. So sweet!! I love how kids keep things simple and yet have such deep thoughts!

    • Brittany Ryan

      Why do dogs leave earth first?....touching story to help deal with the loss of our pets. We could all learn something from this & learn to treat the people and animals that we love better. Life is short.

    • Amissa Pollino White

      Why do dogs leave earth first?....touching story to help deal with the loss of our pets. So sweet.

    • Stephanie Geiman

      Why animals leave earth first...made me cry! So sweet and so true! We should all love like dogs!

    • Gail Dunn

      Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First. I'm not an animal person, but this was so sweet and true.

    • Marissa Mueller

      Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First - read the whole thing it's so true.

    • Caitlyn

      Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First? #love #quotes #dogs #animals #pets

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    made me tear up

    Crying right now!

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    So true. I love my dog.

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    I love dogs

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    My dog is cooler than your dog.

    This brought tears to my eyes. I have two dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Your dog

    We would all do better to love as our dogs do. Pass it on. Remind someone that you love them today (not just your dog!).

    i literally just bawled my eyes out. dogs have so much emotion that it brings me to tears.

    ♥ Dogs ♥ In memory of Mick, we rescued him after a horrible first rescue gone wrong. When we got him he was blind and neglected. He joined our family with so much love. We miss him so much. Please recue if you can. Mick gave us so much!

    Pawprints {tears}

    a dog's love