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    i love this picture because it shows all the innocence of the baby lion as it lays loving in its mothers grasp, but it also shows the fierce mother who would die for her baby. who ever said animals don't have souls, look at this picture and then tell me other wise.

    Relax, it is okay to be loved, nurtured, and appreciated. This is what your soul does best! #yoga #love

    Humble Mane by Rega Photography, via Flickr

    i know this isn't a puppy. lol but its sure so i put it with my puppies :)

    I told you, "No." You're not going to the sleep over down by the river with the leopard's family. The Hyenas are always causing trouble and it isn't safe. You can go to Chuckey Cheese with the lions at that amusement place. No offense to the leopards.

    "JUST wanted to show.......that my Paw, is an indication of hiw big I will be someday. .........kinda like my ----- "Dad"!