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Hands to Remember---trace your child's hand every first day of school. // the sentimental part of me is all teary

Reading rainbow with personal cloud pillow to sit on. omg!

Glitter Sprayed Tooth Fairy this idea!

kinsleys feet

For Kinsley's Cute Feet

Baby nintendo

Way cheaper mario shoes

Mario Shoes! The boys would lose their marbles over these shoes. Birthday gift maybe...

Juicy toddler girl bathing cute, so expensive ;(

Peace Sign Toddler Girl Sandal

Girl Toddler Sandal

Kinsley - jumper

How to button hair tie! Really Cute and Really simple

Scrappy Tutu DIY

Sassy Sissy

Baby Boots!

Butterfly top so cute

Sissy NEEDS this cardigan!

School years on sale

School Years for the kids

Maritime Stripe Dress

Bubble dress

Drool bib