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  • Emily

    As much as we've always flipped our hair in the ocean, this would probably be so simple and work. Awesome Pic. | re-pinned via fireman's finds /Firemans-Finds |

  • Alexandra Paulsen

    OOOOH let's do this one at the beach since we both have long hair

  • Ellie Redle

    Hair flip in a heart beach pic

  • Dawn Yang

    Bestfriend goals

  • Amanda Porter

    I love this picture idea for best friend pictures or sister pictures at the beach! @hporter we should try this!

  • Katie Phillips

    best friend pics!

  • Rebekah Flores

    this is an amazing thing to do at the beach. totally on my bucket list now!

  • Savannah Alfaro71

    Heart hair flip at the beach.

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“If the private life of the sea could ever be transposed onto paper, it would talk not about rivers or rain or glaciers or of molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, but of the millions of encounters its waters have shared with creatures of another nature.” ― Federico Chini, The Sea Of Forgotten Memories

Summer time is nearing! The perfect time to hang out with your besties on the beach, watching the sun go down, colours reflecting off the ocean, such a perfect day :*

"Here’s to all those summer nights when my feet hit the sand and the waves break my fall and all my friends around me out number the stars.”

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favorite summer moment... before the splash

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Bestfriend, we ARE doing this over the summer, or springbreak, or whenever! haley van liew van liew Jones like if da world end next week, we doin it in front of all the world wrecking stuff. #weboutdatlife

summer is when you hang with your bestfriend all the time and never want to go home