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Close-up photos of insects covered with water droplets. Cool!

Close Up Photos of Insects Covered in Water Droplets

Water drops are so amazing!

As sustainability in landscapes becomes an increasingly relevant issue in lawn care. Cutting Edge® Grass Seed provides a solution that helps eliminate the need for excessive fertilizers, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides and reduces the overall carbon footprint created by turf maintenance.

I love macro photography, and this is why.

Turquoise cicada (Zamarra sp.) Photo: PBertner. Flickr via Fancy That #insects

Wax-tailed Planthopper ~ (Amazonian Insect) ~ Miks' Pics "Arachnids and Insects l" board @

The Black Heron shades water with its wings to see its prey better. #BirdsofPrey #BirdofPrey #Bird of Prey

Painted grasshopper, India. What colors!

A Beaver has an enormous amount of power in it's jaws. It's teeth are hard as stone. They fell trees very fast. Their instinct tells them how, where and when to build a dam. Engineers scratch their heads even today, when they try to figure out the same thing. It has been proven, that if left alone, the Beaver will benefit the availability of balanced water systems, without any problems of flooding through-out a whole land area, for miles. #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #15

Covered in Diamond Droplets

Dragonflies were some of the first winged insects to evolve, some 300 million years ago. Modern dragonflies have wingspans of only two to five inches, but fossil dragonflies have been found with wingspans of up to two feet.