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Community Post: Excuse Me Shark

excuse me


Sir, excuse me…

excuse me sir, your steroids are touching me... #lol See more #funny pics @


All my friends excuses for being late.

This is amazing!! If my high school ever had these I would have done the same thing!!!


Unfortunate sign burn outs…

Unfortunate sign burn outs…excuse the bad ones!!!


The Perfect Excuse Creator

The Perfect Excuse Creator - The Meta Picture


Use What You Have

Just why .. why is the goat in the trunk and where is your taillight????

The Berryfrom The Berry

Evening espresso (22 photos)



Are you even trying, Universe?

LOL!!!! So is the point calling it Miss Universe?!!? Might as well call it Miss Planet Earth!


Finally done with this…

Finally done with this… #Work #Humor #Boyfriend #Drama #Truth


How it really works…

every time ...


Is It Even On?

Is It Even On

We only see ourselves in a reflection so never get a true image until see the occasional photo ( you can however get 'special ' mirrors on line that double reflect so correct to a true image instead of normal mirror image mirror - bit OTT though / as long as can see where to shave off stubble ,is a non mirrored image really necessary ? But interesting to think we are seen differently to image reflected by 'normal ' everyday mirrors ✔️

April | 2015 | Anne Taintor, I will never be caught driving a mini van


I Can’t Unsee It

cool Haha ☆ funny pictures #funnypicture #uploadfunny #compartirvideos