1904 Eldredge Runabout - The Eldrege automobile was a product of the National Sewing Machine Co. in Belvidere, Illinois from 1903-1906. This car has a horizontal 2 cyl. , 8hp engine and cost 750 when new. Note the lack of windshield and top that usually were only available as aftermarket items in the early days of the automobile.

1904 Pope Tribune

1913 AC Sociable Runabout

The tires of this 1904 Oldsmobile Model N Touring Runabout were not chosen for their color. Until B.F. Goodrich introduced “carbon black” into the vulcanizing process in 1910, automobile tires were white.

1909 Gobron-Brille - 70/90/Tourer

1907 Packard Limousine Packard Town Car...eligant.....

1900 Autocar Runabout

1904 White Model D Touring - Tupelo Automobile Museum

1950 Nash, with seats that made into a bed.Looks like a bumper car to me... but I like it!

1905 Vauxhall

1910 Schacht Model K Runabout

1905 Packard - (Packard Motor Car Company Detroit, Michigan 1899-1958)

Stanley Steamer 1902 to 1924

1912 Empire Runabout - Empire Motor Car Company made cars in Indianapolis from 1906-1919. There is also an Empire automobile that was made by Greenville Metal Products from 1912-1919 in Greenville, PA. This car is from the former company and is known as "The Little Aristocrat" with its 4 cylinder, 20hp engine & "mother-in-law" seat at the rear. The founders of this automobile marque also founded the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race and built the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1910!

1905 Woods Electric - (Woods Motor Company, Chicago, Illinois 1899-1916)

1953 Studebaker At Barrett-Jackson's

1904 - National Model C Touring car....unusual engine compartment....

1901 Stanley Steamer - (Stanley Motor Carriage Company, Newton, Massachusetts 1902-1924)

1910 Thomas Flyer. The E.R. Thomas Motor Company built automobiles from 1902 to 1919. The 1904 Thomas was a touring car model. Equipped with a tonneau, it could seat 5 passengers and sold for US$2500. The vertically mounted water-cooled straight-3, situated at the front of the car, produced 24 hp (17.9 kW). A 2-speed planetary transmission was fitted.

Jay Leno in his 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special

Renault Coupe DeVille 1912.