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So it really does putt putt putt down the road or maybe I should say poot poot poot! Airpod concept car

Airpod air powered car. What about speed bumps or potholes?

Tata commercializing an air-powered car. Tata successfully demonstrated compressed air engines in its vehicles, and will work with MDI to bring this technology to market. (CNET Reviews The Car Tech blog) May 17, 2012 4:35pm PDT)

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The Most Beautiful Ugly Car I’ve Ever Seen - again I have to wonder, if we had more of these on the road, would all the cool things from the future we've seen in crazy cool Sci-fi films manifest as well? :)

Ferrari Zobin Concept Car looks like a paper-rocket...♥ this car its just fantastic!!

Tatta AirPod: powered by compressed air, and has an electric compressor onboard to replenish the supply. Downside: single seat, looks like it escaped from the Small World ride at Disneyland.

The Morgan LIFEcar (LIghtweight Fuel Efficient Car) is a fuel cell-powered electric vehicle project being undertaken by Morgan Motor Company and startup company Riversimple. The goal of LIFEcar is a sports car that will be environmentally responsible, and also deliver impressive performance.

BMW i8. Can't wait for this. I have a sneaking suspicion a version of this might end up being the M1.