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Good example of a newly blackened eye. The blood pooled around the cheekbone and bottom of eye socket. For my makeup, I think I will add some putty on my eye to make it more puffy and severe.

So if this is known in Russia, and The Black Madonna & child is worshipped WORLDWIDE, then why only in Amerikkka you're only told about "white Jesus" who is actually Cesar Borgia? (One for the preachers to answer)

pawshapedheart:This needs to be in the next movie please | Avengers | Natasha, please tell me you're not experimenting with those old Russian poisons again | I only paralyzed you for a week, Clint. You need to let that go.

from Lost in Terrapin's land

Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouse

abandoned lighthouses | Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouse. Final Romanticism Project?