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    Micro Teacup Yorkie. Kind of violates my pet prime directive (never have pets that can kill you, or you can kill inadvertently by stepping on) - but how adorable is this little guy?

  • Anna Guyette

    Micro Teacup Yorkie. I don't really like animals but this is SO CUTE.

  • Claudia Okoniewski

    ok, I kinda want this dog! Would I be betraying my dad by getting a little dog? :) It's a micro teacup Yorkie. Too cute!

  • Lorinda Merritt

    Micro Yorkshire Terrier This is the cutiest little puppy! I want one!!!

  • Casey King

    Tea Cup Yorkie - So Cute !!

  • Jaeme Reser Anger

    Micro Teacup Yorkie - this could be the cutest dog I've ever seen!

  • Andrea Adamson

    Micro Teacup Yorkie So so so cute. OMGEEE my 1 yr old daughter would LOVEEEE this little puppy

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