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  • Chris O'Meara

    Warsaw, Poland #travel #europe #winter #snow

  • Elizabeth Gábor

    Snow,winter Fun, Christmas .Walking in a Winter Wonderland ! Winter and Christmas - oh How Some people don't like Winter, Simply because it's too cold , they think their stuck at home can't do anything;Some just like to Complain or may be they're just too Old, Not ME!!!! I like to Bundle up in Coats with Boots On feet, Love seeing my breath Fog up in the Rain,or or Snow or sleet, I'd break of icicles and break them off for a drink or put it in my mouth and suck off till it's all gone, In the winter the World goes quiet on me... I like to listen to the wind and feel the cool breeze and simply think , Some people don't like Winter I say they just don't get it ,You might want the sunshine on your face all Day , But I say it's simply all unforgettable time of The Year. I simply Look at it with my winter eyes, Winter has a Sweet Scent of black Birch and Rustling Oak leaves, Crackling Ice and sloshy sleet, All the enjoyable events I can do with my Kids, Winter has it's Winter charms , I notice how all the trees are fast asleep , Love feeling Snowflakes on my Face , How my Knee-is Deep in the Snow, Landing On the Snow Pack and making Angels, I simply love Winter!.... Winter is Cold ! Sledding with my kids and how our Laughters would Echo trough out the Park, Winter is Puff of Warm breath and my Cold Nose and How's my Kids Would get Rose Cheeks, The kids and I would stick Our Tongue out to catch some of the Snowflakes, I would Play with my kids in the Snow, make Snow Man and Feel the Shiver down my Spine, Then warming up by the Fire Place and Holding A Cup off Hot Chocolate with a Peppermint stick, the Shivering Touch of cold and Wrapping my Self up with a Cozy Quilts Of Blankets this makes my heart race. memories ignite like embers in my mind. it's not so much that i lived some place extraordinarily lovely like this; rather, this wintry scene kindles the warmth of memories of childhood christmases and i bask in the heat of those cherished times.Love the idea of placing a warm blanket & pillow outside. Although chances are slim that someone might sit outside during the dead of winter, the two send an inviting, unspoken message to my guests. With solar lights or the battery tea lights I purchased from JoAnn's today, I can add lighting to some old mason jars with the vintage zinc lids. I love the fact I can decorate the inside and outside the house, To make it all cozy and have the Christmas spirit,Lighting up Scented Candles and Smelling it as you Come through The Door, creating A simple and Pretty Christmas table centerpiece,examples like mason jar, greenery, cranberries, water, tea light!t is So pretty,pomegranate and osage oranges were hollowed out and tea lights installed for this warm, inviting harvest holiday display. hange it changes the color and you can do it year around for any holiday or season !!Ooh christmas tree, oh christmas tree always wished I could sleep under the christmas tree with kids, Christmas tree on Christmas Eve but Santa *cough*PARENTS*cough* Santa would need room to put the presents, Love Standing in a room with christmas music softly playing in the background, the lights dimmed, and the tree lit. One of my favorite holiday moments. <3, Colorado during the holiday season. From Denver’s Larimer Street to the Christmas Market in Georgetown, there’s something about Colorado that make me feel as though I’m spending the holiday season in a postcard.t Littleton Blvd, How I love to take my kids out for a stroll at night to see all the sparkling lights, Love seeing beautiful light filled all the beautiful light displays,then I drive my kids a few miles too see dancing reindeers and twinkling snowmen and we have an entire neighborhood of grisworld in our area, Colorado is one of the best places in America to see Christmas lights, Just the way Christmas should be.All the picture they hang and decorations, all "Merry Christmas!"signs brings so much warmth and joy to my heart . I just simply Treasure Everything In my life, and Everything Around me I Give Than'x To God, for Giving me a kind of life I have Now, But While I'm still here in This World I will Treasure it and Dance with whatever flows my Way . Just sayin'! JM Garrovillas 

  • Tracey Thorpe

    Snow in Old Town, Warsaw, Poland.: I think it would be amazing to be here, and walk up those stairs!!!

  • erica motter

    A Snowy Day in beautiful Historic Warsaw, Poland. Snow falling on steep stairs in old Eastern Europe.

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