Annalise Rees

Shoebox village.

lanterns from milk boxes



#DIY Paper Castle

Miniature fairy houses made from paper cups

shadow animals

This is impressive! DIY Cardboard Dome Playhouse. Cover with fabric.

Dust Furniture's Bookcase No. 7 What I think furniture would look like in a Dr. Seuss world. heart.

cardboard ball maze and lots of other cheap kiddo ideas

Roll up strips of magazines

{printable paris} ♥

cardboard city!

Simon Costin's Charles Dickens Diorama by spitelfieldslife: Made of cardboard boxes! #Diorama #London #Cardboard_Boxes

Cardboard house

Cardboard box houses

Cardboard stair slide Why didn't we ever think of that?! So fun!

5 Super Awesome Kids Crafts

Warmest wishes to all for a holiday abundant with laughter & love. Cheers! :)

paper foliage in all black // DIY