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About Dr. Low Dog - Pecos - herb school/classes

Medicinal Plants And Herb Uses Out of the thousands of medicinal herbs, these are the herbs that people search for information on most frequently. Much of the time popularity translates into usefulness, but not always. There are some real herbal gems that don't generate so much "buzz", and wildly popluar herbs that are not always the most benefical in their class.

draw day to day: Medicinal Herb Illustration and Broken Bowls

Native American physician, Dr. Teiraona Low Dog is my "Go To" reference for most of my health care questions and concerns. Her knowledge is extensive and practical. She believes in using natural, alternative medicines, plant based therapies, vitamins, supplements, exercise and a proper nutrition for maintaining health.

Basil, parsley, laurel, rosemary, tarragon, mint, dill, chives, thyme, sage, oregano... the whole culinary herbs family illustrated on a beautiful black background.

Supercharge Your Health With Seven Medicinal Herbs & Spices : Underground Health Reporter

Middle Shelves: ~Dried Elderberries: used in infection fighting/immune strengthening syrup. ~Catnip: used to help bring down a fever, calming and sedative/ digestive aid tea. ~Dried Rosehips: high in antioxidants, vitamin C, iron; used in infection fighting/immune strengthening syrup. ~Echinacea: used in infection fighting/immune strengthening syrup, tinctures, capsulated. ~Comfrey: amazing tissue and bone healer used in poultices, burn ointment and skin salves. ~Cinnamon sticks: warm...

HERBs a gift from the earth and whats from the earth is of the greatest worth. Re-pinned publicly by :)

Growing Herbs for Medicinal Use and Possible Profit--unfortunately I am SERIOUSLY allergic to nettles. I took it for three days and broke out in a blistering rash. No bueno--but the rest I use and have seen tremendous results.