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  • Gypsy Chick

    This graphic makes me so sad. Percentage of women, by country, who think it's okay for their husbands to hit them. Jordan tops the charts at 90%. womengettinghit.jpg

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  • Yaël Levey

    The graph, released by UNICEF and based on data collected between 2001 and 2007, displays the percentages of women, by country, who believe it is OK for their husbands to hit them. The numbers are all horrifying, ranging from 6.9 percent in Serbia to a heartbreaking 90 percent in Jordan.

  • Mariel Volcy

    % of women who believe its OK for husbands to hit them © Global Health Council

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Domestic violence is not just a women’s issue. It is an issue of faith. We proclaim…that violence against women exists in all communities, including our own, and is morally, spiritually and universally intolerable. We commit ourselves to working toward the day when all women will be safe and abuse will be no more.