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#Omega3: Polyunsaturated fatty acids needed for the body to function normally; however, they are not made by the body.

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♥ Protein balances your blood sugar levels- making you fuller, longer! ♥ MYTH Buster! Protein will not bulk you! It increases your metabolism, making you leaner and healthier! Women need protein. ♥ What about WHEY protein powder?? Whey is a leftover dairy bi-product of milk and cheese production. This explains gas and bloating after consuming whey. It's also accompanied by chemicals and processed 'crap'... read your labels! We created Perfect Fit for you- it only has 5 organic ingredients!

1. Drink one glass of ice cold water every hour. 2. Drink 3 cups of green tea daily...metabolism. 3. Take vitamins daily with food. 4. Do aerobics until you want to faint. 5. Use smaller plates...looks like you ate more. 6. Chew each bite of food thoroughly. 7. Sleep at least six hours a day. If you get less than six this can lower your metabolism by 15%. 8. Keep track of everything you eat. 9. Keep good posture, burns 10% more calories when you sit up straight. Go get em!

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So true!

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Never thought I'd see the day when I'd prefer juice over a steak! Your body tells you what it needs by how you feel, if you feel terrible after you eat then you are eating the wrong things! I got sick of feeling terrible after every meal and I make much better choices and drink lots of juice.

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get rid of cellulite fast and naturally! i use this twice a week and already have noticed a significant difference!