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awesome miniature bathroom, doll house.

miniature tutorial

In DIY stores, auto parts or electricity, you'll find pods that are used to crimp the power cables. These pods are usually 6mm to 0.5mm diameter.You can use as is (round) or change the shape.To change the shape use tweezers or a small hammer. For oval, insert a small square piece of iron in the tube and a hammer gently crush two opposite ends. Remove the square iron and you have an oval cutter. Since tips are aluminum, it is very easy to modify their forms. Many possibilities for a low cost!

Bathroom tutorials

WOW! Awesome DIY Barbie kitchen!

Tutorials: cooking pot made from a Omeprazole bottle

how to make a lounge

vacuum tutorial

Cooking Pot Tutorial by Kayanah

dollhouse chair

miniature Victorian bathroom

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Lansdowne Life: DIY Dollhouse: Bathroom furniture -there are 6 parts to this post!.

Barbie dollhouse scaled printables