These Zippered Vinyl & Mesh Pouches are particularly useful in transporting or storing papers & references related to ongoing projects, alleviating any worry about the contents getting wet

Use zip pouches to organize puzzles instead of bulky boxes. This blog post has several great ideas for organizing kids toys.

Mesh pouches by Tavelus - bends in half with zipper at top half or, leave it long.

Store board games in large bags instead of boxes if you're short of storage space

CableClips™ by Bluelounge - $9.95 Anything that makes my wires look tiny is awesome!

Dry erase circles. Who knew? Vinyl circles at group table. No passing out dry erase boards-BRILLIANT!!

Simple Round Situpons (Sit-Upons) from Vinyl Tablecloth | Lil Blue Boo

The Container Store's Fabric Wall-Mount Magazine Organizer functionally stores magazines as well as frequently referenced papers and files... Choose from 3 color options to add some pizzazz to your office.

Use zippered pouches for storing puzzles with banged-up boxes (I got mine at the dollar store). Just one of many ideas for organizing kids' stuff on Project Simplify!

12-Case Photo Storage Carrier- these would come in helpful for flash cards or small games organization.

The Container Store > Open-Top File use inside Thirty-One's Utility Tote | A great solution for keeping your work stuff organized when out and about! Thirty-one utility totes can house Container Store's medium sized Open-Top File Box and so much more. | Check out this link at

Vinyl labeled baking containers @ House of Hepworths

Use a zippered linens package bag to store art supplies for travel etc

The Container Store > Cable Twisters Wonder if you could use twisty shoe laces instead? Or old phone cords.

Use dollar store soap boxes to organize card games - great idea!!

Are you looking for a better way to store cords than shoving them into a box? Use a hanging jewelry organizer with clear pouches that let you see the chargers, cords & headphones so it's easy to find them.

Cable Twisters for those unruly cords! | $9.99

Roll-up cosmetics case with clear vinyl zippered pockets -- sewing tutorial

Put duct tape on ziplock bags, now you can punch holes in them and store them in a binder and they won't rip.

Organized Travel: flexible & zippered file pockets | simply organized

Organized Work Bag. Put a hanging file holder for easy access to any piece of work or assessment, planning,...