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    Screen Cleansing Tech Wipes

    This Is Ground Cord Taco 3 Pack at Free People Clothing Boutique

    SunJack - High Efficiency Solar Charger

    Check out this tool for working from your porch, patio or balcony while enjoying some beautiful spring, summer or fall weather

    #iTap charger spills electricity, not water.

    A digital lens that adjusts your monitor screen to your eyewear prescription, so you don't have to wear your glasses. #lens #eyewear #YankoDesign

    Yiftee is an excellent way to surprise others. Whether you want to send someone a latte by text, dinner out via Facebook or a gift certificate through email, gift folks anywhere what they really want, even stores that are only in their local cities... Know when they receive, open and redeem gifts from you.

    Team Viewer has traditionally been used for "online collaboration"; however, it has moved to the forefront for remote access service due to LogMeIn adding cost to its options. Offers online meeting and online presentation services, too.

    SignEasy is the simplest way to sign docs on mobile devices. Available as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Pad apps. View info video at Per signature, per month and per year pricing options available at

    Valet App helps Android-users remember where you've parked; includes meter times as needed.

    FormMobi allows you to personalize forms or build your own, customizing what content is needed for your company's specific needs. Store data collected in the cloud or export it to any format. simplifies the process of scheduling meetings or gatherings of more than 2 folks... Click the grid for all the dates + times that are good for you, email associated link to all invitees, they click on which options you've proposed will work for them and, then, you schedule for what best meets the needs of the majority of attendees. No sign-up form. No password. Completely free! Video to learn more at

    TripIt empowers you to create itineraries, customized with maps and notes, which you can access via mobile apps or the website, share with others and associate with necessary alerts.

    When I Work is employee scheduling software that simplifies the process. You can create the schedule for when your employees or volunteers work and, then, email, text or post online that upcoming schedule for all to see; from its mobile app, workers can find replacements for when need time off. Pricing depends on number of employees. Learn more via video at

    With Refresh App, you don't just meet someone; you connect with those you meet. When Refresh sees you have a meeting with someone on your calendar, it delivers a complete dossier to your iPhone. Pulls info from profiles, photos, statuses and events across all major social networks to tell you what you need to know about someone before seeing that person so you spark more authentic conversations. Totally free! Video to learn more at

    Nimble is a fantastic Customer Relationship Management tool for businesses of all sizes, empowering you for efficient communications and nurtured relationships that lead to more business transactions. Consolidate all your contacts in one place to see at a glance all the ways you've connected with someone (social media, face-to-face, via email, etc) so you can take the right actions quickly and productively. Plus, encourages contact of "Today's Top Picks". Video at

    Insightly is an excellent Customer Relationship Management tool for small businesses, offering a "forever free" option for up to 2,500 contacts, 25K contact option at $29/mo and options for unlimited contacts at $49/mo or $99/mo. View all current + historical info on one screen for each contact. Pulls social media links as well as task calendaring. Includes email platform and integrates with Evernote, Twitter & MailChimp. Training video at

    Hyper Office Solutions allow you to access all your team tools in one place for greater collaboration, communication and productivity... Share documents, add to / edit content in projects, integrate messaging, post requests for support needed, web conference with team members worldwide and keep on top of multiple projects with its task management feature. Plus, create online forms for data collection into custom databases, adding form's widget to your site.

    Doo is a fantastic tech tool to access any of your documents from wherever they are located (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, SkyDrive, IMAP email, etc), synced across all your devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC), and quickly locate what docs you need with OCR and automatically generated intelligent tags. Scan docs with your mobile device to upload, too. View related video at

    CloudCube is one app on Android devices taht manages all your cloud storage space together, limiting the fragmentation from multiple cloud solutions. Tries to give you both an overall picture of your total cloud storage space as well as the option to drill down to specific providers to see what you have stored on each, syncing between apps and cloud. It is completely free and supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Yandex.

    Animoto allows you to make and share beautiful videos online... Insert photos or video clips, customize your style, and you're ready to share your creation. While there is a free option, it is limited in style options, and videos can be only 30 seconds. Extended personal and business options allow for videos up to 20 minutes in length.

    Venmo offers Android and iPhone apps which connect you with other users to send money for free. It's fast; cash goes out to any bank overnight.

    UserVoice is a widget that can be added to your website or mobile app to gather consumers' feedback, save time + improve service at your help desk by putting the right customer snapshot in your ticket queue, reduce support requests by helping customers help themselves, track satisfaction and analyze responses to provide what's needed. Package options range from free to $95/mo.

    OneReceipt lets you keep track of the expense while losing the receipt, sending e-receipts and photos of paper receipts into cloud storage to organize + analyze your spending, giving you a shiny new view of your spending so you can keep that spending in check. Then, based off what you like best, OneReceipt serves up rewards to save you money and alerts you when return policies are expiring.

    FreshBooks lets you say "hello" to cloud bookkeeping, including mobile & online invoicing, expense reports, estimates, time trackers, apps to upload receipts instantly, ability to accept online payments and more. While there is a "forever free" option, larger business choose from enterprise options.