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  • Julia Kate

    You don't think your best friend has the same hair color as you, until you braid it together;););)

  • Lara Knights

    Braids Sister picture....

  • Ellie Koleen Photography

    @Abby Schoettler when our hair gets long enough... best friends photo. awkward but wonderful.

  • Christina Harambasic

    When the girls hair is longer... Great sister pic.

  • Kathryn Cole

    braided together- love this for best friends picture!! thought of you guys, @Rachel Baatz Druhl and @Jamie Kingry for the girls!

  • Hannah Melson

    Cute photo idea for sisters or best friends!

  • Sarah Zamiela

    friendship braid -still waiting for one of my bestfriends to grow out her hair!!!!

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If my best friend were here, I'd want to do this... except there'd be two giant bumps :) only one a baby... ;)

love pics like this with the best friend! Ashley Walters B this one is a semi throwback !

Good friends support each other ♥ And build each other up. Maddy! Must do this :)

This could even be cute for a wedding/engagement picture with soul mates or something like that

Soul-friends. . . the kind that speak to parts of you you had never known before, and you can't imagine life without them now.

What a great way to always remember your childs favorite lovey for years to come. Imagine being able to pass down this photo along with the lovey to a future generation

Love, though I would not be happy if I were the parents that bought those expensive looking dresses to see them come home with mud and creek water. Oh well, the picture is amazing =)

MY FAVORITE ARTIST. of all time. Briar Andreas. I have one of his prints from when I was in Florida. check out his website:

Best friends senior photo. We are so gunna do this Rosie HW HW Dorman