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Rio Sac Actun fica na península de Yucatán, no México, para o norte e oeste da vila de Tulum, (a região onde se encontram as três correntes subterrâneas mais extensas do planeta). O Sac Actun tem 111 nascentes ou locais de onde o rio emerge na terra (cenotes) através de buracos no solo.

Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico - just went to Yucatan but didn't get a chance to see a cenote like this one! Leaving it on the bucket list for now!

Mooney Falls Supai, Arizona

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona one of my favorite places on earth

Fascinating, simply fascinating.

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Natural Bridge, Virginia

Natural Bridge, Virginia

Dorset, England. Dorset, is a county in southwest England on the English Channel coast. (V)

Durdle Door, Dorset, England, photo by Justin Reznick from is Photography'

These fine beech trees older than 300 years, grow near the village of Armoy (Armoy) in County Antrim (Antrim) Northern Ireland. Because of the closely interwoven branches of beech wood locals called the tunnel "Dark fences" (Dark Hedges). This is a popular place for Irish photographers who come here to take pictures in different seasons and different times of the day. Photos of beeches, shot in the sunlight, the mist or in twilight, are the mysterious atmosphere of the enchanted forest.

-he rode the dark hedges looking for her. He would travel the whole of Ireland if need be:finish the story if you please:ceeanne.inspiration:The Dark Hedges, Antrim, Ireland.