Kenya: African Journal

This is a wedding bouquet made entirely with duct tape!

Duck Tape Design on a suitcase

Pink Zebra Duck Tape® brand duct tape

@Rebekah Ahn Hobson made me think of your creative niche for duct tape :) Duct Tape Ornaments - Duct Tape Crafts and Projects

20 Easy Duct Tape Flowers | 101 Duct Tape Crafts

diy duct tape bookmarks

Finally found the instructions...duct tape rose pen.

A duct tape flower

Duck Tape Button Flower Pins

Recycling little book.... <3

Duck Tape Purse

Cute back to school crafts using Duck Tape!

another take on the famous homemade journal....on the go idea books you no longer have to spend money on!!!

duck tape craft projects | Woven Duct Tape Bag by ~DinosaurATTACK on deviantART

{ duck tape crafts }

MIght be neat to bind several different box covers and environmental print pieces together to make books.

sew your own pig

Duct Tape Clipboard