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stretch marks

Birthmarks by Cassie Fox - For me this puts a totally new outlook on my “stretchmarks”. Which from this point forward will be called my birthmarks!

Mother of boys

Except now as the mother of teenaged boys, many little boy noises have been replaced with video game noises and loud music and text tones. Also my wallet is always lacking cash since my oldest son is in college. They grow up too darn fast. Love my sons

So true...Im very nervous about having 4 cause it is just that many more to worry about epically when they get older and go out with friends.

Things I Did Not Know About Being a Mom: Just Keep A Lid On It

Only Moms that have a child know what this means. So true.My Son DJ means the World to Me & My son AIDEN to . Ur heart leaves and is never the same :-( All grown up now ;


this is to my beautiful daughter Hannah. couldn't have said it better. she is my precious daughter, my fun fun friend, my rock many times, my role model most of all. I love you daughter.

such a happy thought.. except I'm  whovian.... and a wayward daughter (supernatural).. this is terrifying #doctorwho #supernatural #angels

Babies smile in their sleep because they're listening to the whispering of Angels. I love when Charley smiles in her sleep :)

exactly how i feel when i get home from work..........

An entry from note to self

family- mom and son. I hope one day my daughter has a son. The love of a son for his mama is amazing! She deserves to feel that, because I love her so much!

10 Things My Mom Taught Me About Being A Mom media-cdn3.pinter... 143car quotes poems and funny, I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds! http://weightpage222.com

21 Ways to Enjoy Being a Mom

10 Things My Mom Taught Me About Being A Mom. Aside from the faith part, yes, those are all things my mom taught me.

this kind of love: What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet son, Nick. I hope this year is one of joy and sweet success for you. Thank you for picking me to be your mom. I love you

So waar

So true! Best feeling in the world! All my troubles are forgotten when my children wrap their arms around me! Feeling blessed this afternoon best kids ever need t stay as positive as I can x

Daughter quote

Lol I love my mom she my mom by chance and my best friend by choice. I will always let her into my life my feelings and love even if she's my stalker I love you tons mom you are amazing! I love you!

Baby book

His little hands stole my heart mother and son inspirational quote