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    makin' a mason jar.

    Curing Ham and Home Ham Curing Recipes for Homesteading and Self Sufficient Living

    24 Hour Pickles

    Acorns aren't just for squirrels. Native Americans ground acorns into flour and used the flour to make hearty stews and breads. Acorns (once properly prepared for eating – more on that later) are walnut-like, but have a unique flavor all their own: sweet, subtle, and earthy.  You can eat them as nuts, but I recommend going the Native American route and turning them into acorn flour.  Preparing the flour is a time-consuming process (three days).

    WIDE Mouth 3-Piece Fermenting Set with ReCAP

    Step by step instructions on how to make hard apple cider at home with just a few simple ingredients and tools. #beselfreliant

    Canning Jar Coffee Grinders

    How to vacuum seal without the fancy, expensive vacuums. Ziploc sells them at grocery stores for $4! For salad in a jar

    meals in a jar (just add water) keep for 5 years without refrigeration

    Great tutorial on dehyrating eggs for later use from Poverty Prepping: Dehydrating Eggs

    Making vinegar the old way!

    Instead of storing empty canning jars, fill them with water for use during an emergency.

    The canning season has come and gone, and we are all eagerly awaiting spring and getting ready for a new year of gardening. Perhaps you are dreaming of this season’s promised bounty while chowing down on some of last summers pickled green beans. Or perhaps you are desperately searching for that last mason jar of read more

    How to make Rum

    How To Make Homemade Wine - this will taste ridiculous, but give's a basic understanding on how to make alcohol. a handy skill. take a look at the how-to, then research why you do these steps. it's a teach-a-man-to-fish, vs give-a-man-a-fish concept. having a bit of experience, this is legit and will make booze. they also show how to make booze from sugar water and yeast, will also work.

    Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration

    pre-mixed cocktails in individual mason jars, on ice. must do for a party!

    27 ways to make groceries last as long as possible. I wish I'd read this years ago!!

    Moonshine Still

    52 meals in a jar. Great for emergency Prep!

    reCap Mason Jars Original Pour Cap - BPA free -- Made in USA