Flute Fingering Rubber Stamp A great by MusicEducationTools, $8.99


Treble clef


It's not a big violin There's no dead body No, I don't wish I played the flute - you're not the first person to ask?


Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Practical Alternate Flute Fingerings

Music element of water with flute by chitoan2k of Vietnam on creattica #treble clef

Flute Trill Fingering Chart2.jpg (2398×3522)

l ♥ flute

I've always wanted to do this with my flute, but think my folks would throttle me (even if they did give it to me 25 years ago).


Her? Oh, she's a flute...

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Flute Sheet Music: Plain White T's

Flute Sheet Music: A Whole New World

Flute Sheet Music

Flute Sheet Music: Radioactive. I love playing music on my flute! I'm always looking for new music to play

I named mine Euphonium Euphinonium. In all fairness, it was a joke in my section, so I got help.