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    Cherokee Name for God | Native American Pictures, Comments, Images, Graphics

    Untitled (Smoking Cigarette) by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections, via Flickr

    FIVE MALES THUMP a single large drum in a circle as FIVE FEMALES join in the SINGING nearby. Chiefs are at center court wearing regalia and warbonnets.

    Dance and Performance Art, Native American Powwow, 2005, "Powwows are large social gatherings of Native Americans who follow traditional dances started centuries ago by their ancestors, and which continually evolve to include contemporary aspects. During the National Powwow, the audience see dancers in full regalia compete in several dance categories." narrative from website

    "If I see one more person pin something "Native American Indian" or "red indian" I am going to kill myself. So made this, to help people learn."

    Proud Native American Dancer by christopher.binning, via Flickr

    Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle. Born 1820 in what is now Rainier Beach. After the 1855 treaty that kicked all Native Americans out of Seattle, Angeline remained in a small waterfront cabin on Western Avenue, near what is now the Pike Place Market, selling handwoven baskets at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.

    Young Native American dancer in full dress. The feathered head dress looks as though it's about to slip down over those big brown eyes.

    Sitting Bull and his wife, Seen By Her Nation - Hunkpapa - 1882

    Native American soldier with his eagle feather staff by tiz_herself, via Flickr