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  • Gertrude Goodwin

    We don’t usually realize this but the mobile phones we use daily which have sneaked up and become the most important part of our daily routines have evolved their design, looks and technology rampantly and have transcended their looks, feel and capabilities in a huge way. Realizing this fact, we have decided to go through and discuss the #phone review|

  • joanne Anderson

    1970S Technology | Tags : 1970s , cell phone , now , technology

  • TeachwithTech

    The Analog Motorola DynaTAC …The evolution of cell phones Phones have come a long way since the first hand-held device was unveiled in 1983. The first mobile call was actually made ten years earlier, on April 3, 1973, making today the 40th anniversary of that first mobile phone call.

  • Shelly Ayers

    1983 Motorola Cell phone ...zack Morris?

  • Time Out Sitters - San Antonio

    Throw Back Thursday! And we are throwin’ it back way before the Zach Morris cell phone days… On this day in 1973, a Motorola researcher/executive by the name of Martin Cooper made the first mobile telephone call from handheld subscriber equipment to his competitor at Bell Labs. This phone weighed almost 2.5 lbs and measured about 9” x 5” x 1.75”. This old school piece of technological history had a talk time of 30 minutes and took 10 hours to recharge!!

  • Barbara Young

    1983 Motorola Cell phone.. 'The Brick'..

  • Andrea Tobias

    Cell Phone - I remember this was my families first "Car Phone"

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The "Brick" cell phone. The first cellular phone was the culmination of efforts begun at Bell Labs, which first proposed the idea of a cellular system in 1947, and continued to petition the FCC for channels through the 1950s and 1960s, and research conducted at Motorola. In 1960, John F. Mitchell, an electrical engineer who graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology, became Motorola's chief engineer for its mobile communication products. Model, circa mid-1970's.

a bag cell phone...remember these? :) The first cellphone Bill and I had was like this

Rotary phones~ Of course the one in the kitchen always hung on the wall. Loud!

VINTAGE BAG PHONE // Early Cell Phone// Electronics // Car Phone // Brick Phone // Vintage Geekery // Etsy Tech Product // Aces Finds

Once upon a time, everyone had one of these. In basic black. It was a big deal when color was introduced. BTW, our phone company charges us a couple of dollars a month for "touch tone service" - c'mon - when WAS the last time anyone used a rotary dial?

  • Janet Stuart

    Your right about the hydro. .... And remember 1 ringie dingiest!

  • Charlene Robinson

    If you pick this up and hit someone with it, well they know you mean business. Or they are in a coma.

  • Nancy Duci Denofio

    I still remember the phone number.

  • Isabella Byrne

    I have one. It is still in working order.

  • Amber

    Mine is still the only house phone we have. No touch tone or press 1 for us! Love my rotary dial.

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Old Phones | donate-old-cell-phones

Teaching Clock... Still have mine... Now available at Toys R' Us again (2014 Christmas)

Nestle Quik - I remember these metal containers from the 80s!!

"1970..Roman sandals... remember these!! I remember my teacher in 3rd grade, Springdale, Arkansas, before we moved to Lafe. I had a pair also but outgrew them.

  • Jane

    So remember these!

  • Ashley Smith

    I'm from Fayetteville Arkansas! I know it's random, but I get so excited every time a see a fellow person on Pinterest that has lived, or does live in Northwest Aransas!!!

Kissing Potion lip gloss! Recognize the girl? She's from Valley Girl, one of my favorite 80's movies with Nicolas Cage.