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I told someone something similar to this a while ago. I hate folding laundry!

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Funny Family Ecard: Research shows that in of cases, when someone says 'Oh no she didn't!', she in fact, did.

haha! that's why pinterest gave us private boards...@Rachael Eaton

Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: Definition of a Best Friend: The only person on earth that's allowed to call you crazy, totally mean it, and she doesn't get her ass beat.

Seriously!  Why do they make these things so hard to open?!?

"Oh you're sick and really weak? Here, tear open this steel package for medicine. Migraine meds-- oh yeah!

@Katie Gutierrez @Jessica Gutierrez @Abbey Porter Hahaha damn straight! Day drinking <3

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Funny - Funny Pictures – May 26, 2017

Funny pictures about Adults need bumper stickers too. Oh, and cool pics about Adults need bumper stickers too. Also, Adults need bumper stickers too.

The (horrible) truth about the seasons.

The Truth About the Seasons

Usually how it goes in North Dakota and Minnesota - especially that hopeful day in March where it's like degrees out and you think winter is finally over but then get another snowstorm the next day.