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Funny Confession Ecard: Im not a princess. I dont need saving. Im a freaking Queen. I got this shit handled.like a boss

People always expect more of you when you have naturally curly hair! Frieda, Peanuts #quote

Hair Therapy Wrap - Deep Conditioning on the Go

Girls with curly hair rock! Mine is straight but I love naturally curly hair on girls AND boys.

Funny Family Ecard: I may look quiet and reserved, but if you mess with my kids, I will show you 7 different kinds of crazy.... True Story....

don't mess with my kids or my siblings or nieces and nephews ( I consider them my children as well)

Saying 'oh, bless her heart' is the same as saying, 'oh DEAR GOD, this girl doesn't stand a chance,' in southern.

Here are some funny friendship quotes that I came across, which I had to share. Enjoy these funny quotes about friendships with me.

Ever notice how people always post their drama and seek validation from others. And how many people can comment on their post? Hmmm. Don't hate on couples who post their happiness. There is too much negativity and ugliness in the world to hate on happy couples. Don't be jealous ;)

This is so true it's like people are trying to convince themselves when they post incessantly about their relationships! Beautiful couple though.

I'm not a bitch; I'm a WOMAN who's not afraid to tell you to fuck off. - Jordan Sarah Weatherhead of FTGS

I'm not afraid of being called ' BITCH ' & the fact I was born with a vagina makes me wear the title proudly.

... I may not have found the right person yet, but in the meantime, I'm having a terrific time with the wrong ones!

Excuse my hair the next 4 months. I drive a Jeep Wrangler. Can't wait to get that top off :)

#madevil #happyibakecookies

I'm a lady, but when I'm mad, I'm an evil, sadistic, demon spawned bitch from hell that'll make you wish you were never born. And when I'm happy I bake cookies & shit.