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How to Use Pinterest in the Classroom (Tutorial video with education-related ideas for using Pinterest)

More elegant weapons... for a more digital era of learning. Pinterest in the Classroom - Infograph

3 ways to use Pinterest in the classroom via @NMHS_Principal #edtech #education #teaching

A place where you can 'pin' your favorite images or videos. From cute animal babies to your favorite movies --anything you like-- just collect from browsers then post them on your board. Meet many people with the same interest as you! You can also use Pinterest to organize events, share recipes, and promote stuffs. Pinterest - get your invitation and start pinning today!

Tutorial to share with people interested in Pinterest but unsure how it works. Ways to use Pinterest in the classroom as well as for professional development. I use Pinterest for personal and professional bookmarking. I love using it for Yearbook and Photojournalism--although, I haven't done joint boards yet. Lots of great ideas, reviews of technology, parenting tips, crafts, design ideas, etc.

Goobric Walkthrough - use goobric to embed predesigned rubric into google docs of students and enter their scores

Professors, Peers, and Pinterest Love it! Pinning a graphic for education about pinning for education.

How To Use Pinterest In The Classroom [Video]--Great video that shows the basics of Pinterest as well as some educational uses.