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Drake and josh

Drake and Josh was the most important show of my childhood! Nothing makes me laugh harder than the old Nickelodeon shows.

Melanie Martinez,Twenty One Pilots

Drake- how I feel when I get a one direction album Josh- how the rest of the world feels when I get it

^this guy!!! Drake Bell. i love drake bell. HES SPIDERMAN GUYS HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HIM.

Drake Bell and Josh Peck still live their lives as if Drake & Josh never ended.

I remember both those shows. I have a feeling in 25 years they will be lost in time. Sadly.

😂😂😂 ohhhh Spencer/ Crazy Steve you'll always be my favorite person in both my childhood shows lol

I Ran Over Oprah...

He literally lives his life as if drake and josh never ended I love Josh Peck

Drake and Josh -My reaction to my sister's hug...and my parents' reaction-no sympathy.

Drake and Josh -My reaction to my sisters hug.and my parents reaction-no sympathy.

It's ridiculous how much I miss this show : )

Drake and Josh and in case u were inserting my head isn't normal sized either

I can't handle

I just laughed, snorted, then proceeded to choke on my own saliva.all because I thought this was hilarious lol iCarly "Stairs, stairs, stairs!"I love icarly!