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Community Post: Predictions Of What 2011 Would Be Like From A 1911 Newspaper

Predictions Of What 2011 Would Be Like From A 1911 Newspaper


New world record holder…

Hide & Seek World Record Holder. Only history buffs will get this...or if you're British! lol

from Dinopedia


Spinosaurus may be the larges Theropod to ever stalk the Prehistoric Americas and believed to be even larger than T-Rex.


Everyone Should Know About This Guy

Everyone is focused on the fact that he embellished minor details of his story(like the number of years spent at specific camps) but what is important to remember is that this mans injuries, both physical and mental, are real and that many others are prisoners of camps like camp 14. PR specialists manipulate stories every single day and play them on western channels and no one is offended then, but when it isn't western its wrong to distort the truth to get the media's attention??


Guide to understanding the introverted…

Dr. Carmella's Guide to Understanding the Introverted. This is hilarious and so useful to me considering I'm an extreme extrovert surrounded by introverts.


If you remember…

So true.