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  • Reika Kaneko


  • SD ❤

    (re-pinning from my summer 2013 board, so sad! lol) --- even if it's a date by myself, this will happen.

  • Pamela Téllez

    Inspiring image cute, adorable, sweet, shorts, edit, weheartit, bathingsuit, tan, reheart, heartit, photo, phone, hair, denim, fashion, color, girly, blonde, famous, love, animal, girl, brunette, ring, skinny, elephant, photograph, sexy #1458324 by korshun - Resolution 500x374px - Find the image to your taste

  • Weird picture, but before I die i want to get this close to a baby elephant.

  • Haley Haywood

    Life is a Beautiful thing

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Awww. thats at disney on the jungle boat ride. been on there several times. my parents took us to disney in 195?. i cant remember 'cause i was so little. my dad was taller than a few of the trees.

Rachel Mallison I don't own a pair of toms but if i get a pet elephant will you paint him for me Stylish 3D Animal Poodle Puppy Face Messenger Bag Women Leisure Shoulder Bag $26.9

After watching the movie"Born to be Wild", I have a whole new love for elephants. They are such a beautiful,amazing animal ♥

Elephant & baby, Can you imagine someone killing this mom for her ivory tusks, and the baby dies also. Stop this uselessness. Don't buy ivory, no market no killings, or use your ideas to stop this before its to late. Pin it forward, we can get this stopped

could i do this out of newspaper and fabric?? like a mixed media on canvas? i think i'm going to try! :)

I cannot get enough of elephants. I swear they are the most beautiful creatures

wow this is amazing! Karen Jacot Jacot Jacot Jacot Darling Space & Stuff Blog Schauer

"She's far away, belly deep in tall grass with others by her side. Ruby. "She's here, Stella," I whisper. "Ruby's safe. Just like I promised" (Page 294).