Animal Footprint Sandals

Footprint flip flops.

Wooden Animal Track Sandals by Kiko + Ashiato

DIY animal track flip flops: These would be a fun beach toy to bring along with the typical shovel & bucket


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Ashiato Cat Medium : wooden toy beach sandals feature animal paws on the soles

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Kids will love stomping about in these animal footprint sandals. They’re a witty creation called ‘Ashiato’ by Japanese design company Kiko+. Children can stamp an owl, dinosaur, gecko, monkey or cat paw print in the sand

Sandals based on traditional Japanese footwear leave footprints of different animals — my favorite is the pawprints. ;) (I'm just sad these don't come in adults sizes.) Available at:

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LOVE these sandals

kids can make their own paw prints

pocket paper zoo

'Ashiato' by Kids' sandals with animal foot prints. Chose cat, gecko, owl, monkey, zaurus (?). Available in 4 sizes. Made of pine and rubber. #Animal_Footprint_Sandals #Ashiato #kikko_kids

Instant beach chair!

Doggie flip-flops.

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Animal stones