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Christian Louboutin quote for all my shoe-loving friends!

Judge me and I'll prove you wrong Tell me what to do and I'll tell you off Say I'm not worth it and see where I end up Call me a b*tch and I'll show you one S*rew me over and I'll do twice as bad to you Call me crazy but you really have no idea

WE HAVE DONE THIS!!!! @Mary Behmary behm and @Laura Behm

so true

Sweetie, your 'dumb' is showing please close your mouth...

pucker up

True life.



lilly jacks, I need these!

Colored hair tips

Do not judge

Lol, so true.


AMEN!!!! This is our work motto.

How to Buy Gorgeous Handmade Handbags from Indonesia

winter kate


Church hat

porch swings

Mark Twain - Kindness!