Mellerstain House, Scotland

The abandoned Main Street of “The Village” on the St. Kilda archipelago of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides was abandoned in 1930 due to a combination of post-war population decline, crop failures and the relentless weather. The ruined “Street” was built around 1834 to replace a more primitive medieval village.

Medieval House, Scotland

Ardverikie, Scotland

The Dunmore Pineapple. Scotland. Built by the 4th Earl of Dunmore.

ancient house Edinburgh, Scotland

Tree hous elodge, Loch Goil, Scotland

Stone house

house in the Cotswolds.

Hobbit House, tucked in the sanctuary of Skye Meadow

Boat House on the bank of the Loiret, Orléans, France

Saxon arch at Abbey House, Wiltshire by John Glover

This is amazing!.... not exactly woodland...oh well lol

On the path to King’s Cave, Isle of Arran, Scotland | (10 Beautiful Photos)

Nirav Patel Scotland

Place for my healing work!


(River Cottage, Alsace, France

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Duffus Castle - Scotland