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eye heart u...i like this if the heart was painted a different color

Bruno Walpoth is artist which makes incredible human sculptures from wood.... I had to look him up when I saw this picture, his work is amazing!

Edna Clarke Hall (1879–1979) was a watercolour artist, etcher, lithographer and draughtsman who is mainly known for her many illustrations to Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Always wanted a skull and tree/nature tattoo- this is a perfect blend. Gorgeous colors too even though I was thinking black and white.

#Stunning #skull piece by the amazing Russ Mills A.K.A. Byroglyphics: via @Skull_Society

I always loved this movie... The AURYN sign, as imagined by Michael Ende in his book "The Neverending Story"

LeNad - Lille, France #cat #hairless #tattoo #geometric #line #abstract #shape