If brains were taxed, you would get a rebate.

Some days I actually think this.

Work with me ok? 14 FUNNY Ecards To Get You Through The Mid Week!!!

You know whats funny? Not you, so shut up.

Hey, I got millions of people on welfare and unemployment depending on me to work!

Instead of “Have a nice day” … I think I’ll start saying “Have the day you deserve”! Ya know, let karma sort that shit out. | Snarkecards

omg this one girl at school always comments on everything. i feel like saying NOBODY CARES.

Yep... this one goes out to someone in my past!

It's a stick of gum not a bale of hay. Chew with your mouth closed!

I pay into many children's programs (which I am pleased to do as a citizen and former child), and yet it is the adults with children who receive additional tax deductions with each child. Why, if I pay into that system and never take services from it -as I have no children- do I, myself, not get the deduction? This is, as they say, back-assward.

It's just bad luck, that's all.

Look, I'm trying to rant here. Stop interrupting me with "facts" and "reason".




If only...lol

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