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I especially love black cats. Of all the cats I've had in my lifetime, my black cats have always been the smartest.

I hate that Pitbulls have become "black listed" by uneducated people, The fighting dogs are TRAINED to act that way. If we treat them well, Pitbulls are an amazing and sweet breed of dog. You can train any dog to be bad and any dog can be train to be a loving family pet.

The National Museum of Animals & Society #asi #animalsandsociety #animalrights #animalwelfare #humananimalinteraction #relationships #animals #pets

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look at that happy happy face! | We need to give them back their future. When you like, follow or share on FB, Twitter, Instagram we gain media $$$. #ivoryforelephants #stoppoaching #elephants for #ivory ! #animals #killthetrade #babyelephants #animalbabies

baby penguin #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

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Is this a sign that I should buy lots of fabulous clothes and go back to grad school? (And be totally broke?)