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Mama Elephant & Her Newborn. Elephants are perhaps one of my favorite creatures on God's beautiful planet. Recent studies show that elephants can see their reflection in a mirror and recognize that it is their reflection. They mourn their dead, and grandma elephant will help her daughter when a baby elephant is born. They also have and incredible memory, hence the phrase "elephants never forget", and they bond with dogs :)

Awwww <3

Awwww <3

Awwww <3

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Please Let me be the Person my Dog Thinks I am

Dog <3

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pit bull + flower... I don't care what people think of pitbulls. I love my baby. She's my best friend and my protector. Remember it's how you raise them not the breed.

Highland cow! I didn't realize there were fuzzy cows out there! I wouldn't mind a pet cow if it looked like this one :)

The National Museum of Animals & Society The SPCA is not your animals friend, they kidnap your pet and hold it for ransom, then kill it if you wont pay.

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50 Cute Puppies I Adore

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This looks like a baby panda bear, either way he's ready for a snooze!

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3 week old baby elephant plays in the mud at the zoo in Munich and face-plants but gets up quickly and continues his playful journey. Awwwwww look at his little happy face in the top pic :'}

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Friday Favorites

Is this a sign that I should buy lots of fabulous clothes and go to grad school?