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    oh. gosh. i'm slowly moving to just ugly birds instead of mama moo.

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    • Rhea Parsons

      Mother's Day should be for ALL mothers who love and want to protect and be with their babies. Don't be a part of taking babies away from their mothers so you can eat or drink something unnecessary. All mothers should be united in keeping mothers and their children together. #vegan #MothersDay

    • a l i s o n Ⓥ

      How could someone look into a mothers eyes and think they're greed and desires are more important than her body, her right to be by her children's side, and her right to live? Please remember every time you consume dairy a mother is raped, a baby is killed, and million of sentient beings are being deprived of their rights, all this in your name. Please go Vegan.

    • Patty Heideman

      On mother's day, remember the mothers whose babies are stolen from them so another species can drink their milk.

    • Veganez

      A Mother’s Story: Chloe had been happily anticipating the birth of her new baby. She carried her baby inside her for nine long months. They were one, mother and child. It had been a difficult pregnancy, as Chloe did not live in optimal conditions. Her home was small and crowded and she did not have a lot of room to move around. Chloe did not have access to the best prenatal care and her diet was far from nutritious...

    • Ellen Ward

      Most cows have their babies taken from in less than one day - after carrying their baby for 9 months (just like us!) and bonding and loving them immediately. Some mothers and babies cry for months. Some babies are still frantically crying as they are drug into a slaughterhouse HELL....the mother is impregnated again and dreads another baby being stolen. PLEASE stop killing mothers and babies for NO REASON except "tastes good" - just like a rapist saying "Feels good"

    • Cindy Mitchell

      Every Year, Millions of Mothers Are Forced to Endure The Worst Loss

    • Elizabeth Redpath

      Milk comes from a grieving mother. Choose compassion and go vegan!

    • Bea Elliott

      From Peaceful Prairie - Help animals the easy way...Go Vegan!

    • plantpowerz eugenie

      #vegan milk comes from a grieving mother

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