iPhone 5. - maybe apple should hire these guys

iPhone 5?

The iPhone Video Projector. - taky se bude hodit ..

New iPhone 6 Concept Sports Appealing Three-Sided Display #technology

Cool gadgets

iWatch design

iPhone case/key chain

The Epiphany One Puck doesn’t just protect your table; it also charges up your phone without needing to be plugged into an outlet. It uses a small Stirling engine to provide the power. The device has two sides, one red and one blue. Place a hot drink on the red side, or a cold drink on the blue side.The downside? Liquids next to electronics. I guess you pick your battles.

I know I posted months ago about the upcoming google sunglasses. Still LOVE their latest concept video. Reality is: All the technologies they use for this are available now! Project Glass: One day...

Concept iPad3 video.

The iPhone 360 Degree Panoramic Video Lens - Using the same technology found in U.S. Army surveillance cameras, this iPhone lens captures seamless 360º panoramic video.

The Cordless Pocket iPhone And USB Charger.

Keyboard that let's you upload iPhone text straight to computer or use your phone as a trackpad.

iPad 3 Concept Features

#Iphone phone

Iphone projector

Futuristic Technology. New Material May Help Us To Breathe Underwater and Improve Fuel Cells

"A Day Made of Glass" This video was produced by glass manufacturer corning to show the future possibilities of glass. There is some incredible concepts in here that would only look normal in the movies. These ideas will surely be possible in the near future as some of the the technology exists for it today and would change so many different parts of everyday life, from in the kitchen to the class room, or in a work environment or in a hospital.

Mic for #iPhone


iMagicPhone 5. [Concept]