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"Any last words of advice?" " stay alive." That's almost like an old joke between us now. We just nod because what more is there to say?

I WANT THIS. Almost got it for my friend for Christmas.

Aghhhhhhhh THE FEELS. follow me on instagram @johanna_mason_victor !!!!

"for you." says peeta. yes, i will keep it. For the few remaining hours of my life and i will keep it close. "thanks." I say.

You Don't Have Much Hunger Games Paper Cut by italsma on Etsy, $50.00

They are so perfect for each other, what was Haymitch saying that Katniss could live a 100 lifetimes and not deserve him? She's been through a lot give her a break.

This is beautiful and only 5 dollars. A very talented artist! Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games - 7x10'' print

suddenly, out of nowhere, i'm scared he's going to die......

How about that kiss? This scene...this scene is going to be the end of me...along with just about the whole movie...

Peeta. Josh, your such an amazing actor. You actually bring the characters alive. You don't know how much respect I have for you just for that face.

The Hunger Games trilogy made us all grow up and face the harsh realities of the world and that sometimes there are never going to be happy endings. Some times people die. Good people. It is despicable and horrific but that is what life is in the end...