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Lichen Huntsman Spider by Yan Leong Found this spider, Pandercetes gracilis (Lichen Huntsman Spider) on a tree trunk, a relatively large spider.

Huntsman Spider,Palystes castaneus, showing Sparassid pattern of eyes in two rows of four, with the robust build and non-clavate pedipalps of a female.

Real(Misleading) - Giant Spider found in a bathroom. Multiple Locations... - Appears to be a Huntsman Spider whose legs can attain a 30cm.(<12") leg span... (How Big did You Think This Spider Was?)

Huntsman Heteropoda davidbowie, Singapore - Don’t you think this spider looks like David Bowie? Maybe just a little? Turns out, this big old huntsman spider is named after the glam-rocking star of Labyrinth!

✶ The giant huntsman spider is the largest spider in the world by leg-span (although there is another that is larger by mass). Its leg-span is twelve inches, which you may know as “a foot.” The giant huntsman spider is a scamp who’s constantly getting into adorable hijinks [NOT Photo shopped] ✶

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