Lemon & Lime Ice Cubes

Here are 12 to die for lemonade recipes to try this summer, courtesy of The Style House!

Fruit Infused Water

to make a heart shaped cupcake put a marble between the liner and pan...keep that in mind

Summer Ice Cubes - DIY with fruits

Cake mix into a waffle maker with some ice cream! Quick & easy dessert idea! Never would have thought of this.

Genius!! Meatloaf Cupcakes Topped with Mashed Potatoes

2268688999533699829282 I need to remember this. This is a great idea when summertime comes! How to cut a watermelon more efficiently.

Funky Fresh Frozen Fruit Water - Click for Recipe

Easy Peach Tea Recipe! Summer Drink Recipe for Sweet Iced Tea!

Mint Ice Cubes for DIY Mojitos

raspberry simply lemonade, malibu rum, ice and blend.

Coffee Cubes

Use iced coffee for your drink, so it doesn't get watered down...

Soak lemons and oranges in food coloring and then use them to brighten up punch

Bomb Pop Shots 1/3 oz Sprite 1/3 oz lemon vodka 2/3 oz blue Curacao 2/3 oz grenadine ice Mix the vodka and Sprite in a shaker with some ice to chill it.Strain into glass. Using a bar spoon, very slowly pour the blue Curacao to layer it. Next add the grenadine by pouring it slowly into the glass right on the edge so it sinks to the bottom.

berries and mint frozen into ice cubes for party drinks

Refreshing melon...an uncommon fragrance note found in Aesthetic Content's Sereno Seas Luxury Scented Candles

Rainbow Drink – Freeze different Kool Aid flavors in ice cube trays, place in glass and pour in Sprite