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    I would love someone if they did that! So awesome


    I love how much of a troll Daniel Radcliffe can be. EVEN if you don't like harry potter read this. it has nothing to do with harry potter. it's just hilarious.

    harry potter.

    Harry potter fan...There is so much win here it kills me. ---- I seriously need to make this my default answer when someone asks me to wait LOL

    Awesome! Never realized this!

    no minister! lalalalala

    Voldemort's Soul <--This is a total win. Dear nerds, never change, ok?

    28 Things That JK Rowling Says Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended

    Harry potter interview- funny!

    Finally! A Dead Fred post that made me laugh instead of cry.

    Awesome :)

    too awesome

    Poor Diggory, didn't know what he was getting into...

    Nerd girl problems


    This makes complete sense.

    Omg yes! Mean Girls quotes are the best!