I would love someone if they did that! So awesome

Harry potter fan...There is so much win here it kills me. ---- I seriously need to make this my default answer when someone asks me to wait

I hope that's true

Awesome :)

Poor Diggory, didn't know what he was getting into...


"Ronald Weasley! How dare you take the car?! Your father and I are absolutely disgusted! If you so much as put another toe out of line, we'll bring you straight home!"

WHOA. mind=blown

Further proof that Umbridge is the epitome of evil. As if you needed any more proof...

Nerd girl problems


i solemnly swear i will Never Forget Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, the Night Adventures it took me on, the Weasley Twins always up to something new, but most importantly... I Solemnly Swear That I Will Never Forget Hogwarts.


Harry Potter's iPhone

Santa is a wizard. I can totally buy the concept now.

Okay, I admit, I just laughed loudly.

Harry Potter Humor

i think this kid is a genius

HP <3


HP facts