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    Violet Owl I didn't know you existed but here you are... Beautiful, vibrant, fascinating and ooh so more than I imagined! Amazing color, amazing creation looking at such a beautiful creature of nature.

  • Deb Spencer

    Violet Owl now that's a fantastic animal!

  • Denise Tucker

    Violet Owl. Oh my goodness! A purple owl!!! My favorite color!

  • Denise Hale


  • Avishek Bag

    Violet Owl, Beautiful bird, #Birds #Fly #Sky #Ice #Snow fall #Cold #Winter #Beautiful #Amazing #Pleasent #Heavenly #Wild #Wild life #Jungle #Safari #Tree

  • Jay Jens

    bird, Crested Owl - a VIOLET OWL

  • RootieKazoo

    I have never seen a purple crested owl! How cool is this? #purpleowl ❤️

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Crested Owl:The Crested Owl is strictly nocturnal and feeds mainly on large insects like caterpillars or beetles although probably will take some small vertebrates too. It can mostly be seen perched along streams and forest gaps.

#OWLS#Crested Owl (Lophostrix cristata) by Scott Olmstead, via Flickr

CRESTED OWL (Lophostrix cristata) - a nocturnal bird, roosting during the day in dense vegetation, especially in thickets along rivers. If disturbed at roost, the owl will become very slim and erect the ear-tufts high. Feeds mainly on insects, but likely also small vertebrates.Locally from south Mexico through Central America to Venezuela, Surinam, the Guianas, Amazonian Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.

Normally, I don't use my pins as a sounding board, but in this one instance I have to. In light of the Fish and Wildlife's decision to decimate countless Barred Owls in Washington and Oregon in order to protect the endangered Spotted Owl, I must speak out against this insane plan. The Spotted Owl is endangered, first and foremost, because of the destruction by logging of old growth forests. This has allowed the much stronger and more adaptable Barred Owl to encroach upon the Spotted Owl's territ

Little Owl by Clicky Chick, via Flickr

Ural Owl at its nest » Hokkaido, Japan – February 2010 Photo by Paul & Paveena McKenzie @ Wild Encounters

"Melanistic" European Dark Breasted Barn Owl - Tyto alba guttata by By Fat Wagtail — "Taken at the Screech Owl Sanctuary - Indian Queens - Cornwall - England - U.K - 2009"

BEAUTIFUL….DK I've ever seen an owl in flight amazing!I

Diversidade é que não falta, Deus usou de muita criatividade na criação !! #Corujas #Animals #Corujeira

nature has definitely created some ostentatiously glamorous farm critters!!! ~ w/man's assistance, it would appear!!!

Red Crested Turaco. What a gorgeous bird! Wow. I wonder why God made so many different types of glorious birds? So amazing!