Duct Tape Toms for American Girl Dolls

American Girl Doll Duct Tape Shoes

Does your doll need a new headband? Check out this easy DIY tutorial!

Free Printable AG pattern pants

How to Make Tom's Like Shoes for American Girl Dolls Using Duct Tape Great Tutorial!

Does your American Doll need some bling bling shoes? DIY Tiny Twinkle Toe Shoes for American Girl Dolls!

Basic Dress Pattern for American Girl Dolls

TOMS shoes outlet only $12,Repin It and Get it immediately!no longer for cheapest

American Girl DIY Doll Lantern

DIY Doll sandals. Trace the foot, cut the pieces from foam or whatever you have on hand and put more than 1 ribbon across the top of the foot and then glue another foam bottom to hold and hide the ribbon for the sandals.

Many duct tape shoes ideas

I want to make these shoes for my AG dolls! they are SO cute for summer!

Free Leotard or swimsuit pattern and tutorial, for 18" AG dolls

More duct tape shoes for American Girl dolls

AG Doll Socks Tutorial

DIY tutorial - Girls tutu into AG doll gown (I'd revise the bodice, but this is a great idea)

No Pattern Ruffled Skirt for American Girl Dolls | Free Sewing Pattern for American Girl Dolls

Doll Classroom! This site has some really great DIY for AG furniture and rooms!

Duct tape purses for American Girl dolls! I love duct Tape and American Girl dolls!!!

Sew Adollable

beanbag for AG dolls