Use a staple remover to open key ring--finally an idea to save your nails!

Soak old,used bruhes in hot vinegar for 30 minutes to remove paint & soften bristles.

If you want your house to smell nice, boil some orange peels with a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon on Medium heat. ~ I do this come Fall and everyone loves it - an old Southern trick

Oh my gosh - I totally DO THIS! even for my own medicine! What a great idea for forgetful parents (mom mush brain life saver)

nail polish on your keys

How to Fill Nail Holes Want to get rid of the holes caused by nails on the wall? Here is an easy solution: All you have to do is get a bar of white soap and scrub across the hole until it's filled. This is a great tip for when you're moving out of a house and want the holes to be gone!

Use Dollar Store garment bag for a spray tent... This is seriously genius.

OMG!!! Why didn't I think of this before???

{TIP} Use LEGO figurines as cord holders. Genius!

Use a button to keep earrings together during travel! Brilliant.

how to keep your fly from falling down

Avoid hitting your fingers when hammering nails by using the "teeth" of a comb to hold nail in place

bread ties keep tape end handy

Helpful hints; I really need to do this because I have broken too many chargers to keep making the same mistake again

Didn't know you could iron fabric onto the wall...opens up a lot of possibilities! >> I had no idea you could do this... uh oh, watch out walls, here I come!

for keeping cords from falling behind desk

recycle a sun lotion container into a place to keep your keys / cell phone / etc, while on the beach

Handy.when you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use as a template

Dry erase marker on the washer for clothes that are inside that shouldn't be dried! >> So simple and SO smart!

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 20 Pics

When hanging a picture, put toothpaste on the frame where the nail needs to be, press it against the wall and voila! Put the nail there! Genius! Definitely the quickest idea I've seen yet! :)