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    Use a staple remover to open key ring--finally an idea to save your nails!



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    Tired of sorting through your key ring every time you open a door? Try organizing your keys in a neat and convenient device with the Key|Smart. This awesome utility turns your existing keys into a useful multi-tool with a flash drive, bottle opener, and more, built right in to your key holder. Its the best way to keep your keys together! Buy one today, use discount code HOLIDAY5 by January 1, 2016 for $5 off orders over $25.

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    If your New Years resolution is to finally get organized, here's a perfect device to keep your keys nice and orderly! Instead of sorting through that messy key ring, Key|Smart makes your keys compact and organized. It saves room in your pockets or purse, and transforms your key ring into an awesome little multi-tool. Use coupon code ORGANIZE15 this month and receive 15% off!

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