"Who Wears the Cake" ...whoever has more money in the cup gets it in the face (good way to get extra cash for the honeymoon!) Cute idea... but I would be scared that my glass would have the most money in it and I would have to get the cake in my face. lol

Have guests sign a plain white puzzle. After your wedding, frame the completed puzzle instead of a guest book!

have a “honeymoon jar” at your wedding and see how much you get to spend on your honeymoon! fun idea :)

really fun wedding idea! 'flea market' glasses - each person gets their own glass to drink out of and they can take it home afterwards :) I kind of like this idea.

A lovely custom bridal hanger for the lovely bride! We will put your future last name, with a heart,on this hanger for you! *To make things easier for everyone,there is no additional charge for shippi

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